Lifestyle Financial is committed to, helping you have the best chance of achieving financial success, acting with integrity and in your best interests, and to offering genuine transparency and value for money.

Where relevant you will receive help with identifying and articulating your financial objectives, the development and implementation of strategies that have the potential to meet your objectives, and recommendations for specific investments that are consistent with your strategy. There are regular reviews to assess whether your strategy and investments continue to be appropriate and, most importantly, to keep you on track to meeting your financial objectives. Lifestyle Financial acts essentially as your personal financial coach or trainer.

Lifestyle Financial has a range of financial services so that you can select those that best meet your needs. These are detailed below.

Clients who use this service will, in addition to the above, receive proactive portfolio and investment advice e.g. portfolio rebalancing, buy and sell recommendations, advice with regard to corporate actions or maturing term deposits. Upon request you receiv general financial strategy advice. There are quarterly portfolio reviews because there are so many things that can change whether these be your personal circumstances, investment markets or government legislation. If or when personal financial strategy advice is required this is available at a 50% discount to the usual fee for personal financial strategy advice (see below). Once a year you receive a Fee Disclosure Statement setting out the fees that you have paid, the services to which you are entitled and the services that you have received.
Personal financial strategy advice is available as needed. Most investors do not need this on an annual basis. Typically it may be necessary at ages 55, 60 and 65 or if there is a major change in your circumstances such as retirement or if there is a major change in legislation. You receive a written report that discusses your options and makes recommendations based upon your personal circumstances and objectives.
You receive, upon request, advice with regard to shares and implementation of any actions required. Advice is not proactive under this service offering. If or when personal financial strategy advice is required this is available (see below).
This is for those investors who are broadly comfortable with making and implementing their own decisions and want to retain a high degree of control but would like an experienced mentor with whom to discuss financial, portfolio and investment issues from time to time or to get a second opinion on any decisions they are considering. All mentoring advice is general advice.
You receive recording of your investments which provides for ease of management, reduced administration time and up to date reporting of the performance and taxation status of your portfolio. This is a web based service where the day to day recording of transactions and income is recorded. This enables you, Lifestyle Financial and your accountant to assess returns and the tax consequences (such as net income and realised/unrealised gains and losses) simplifying tax planning and reporting.

Lifestyle Financial fees are detailed in the Advice Fees Schedule